The eclipse is a potent symbol of transformation. meaningful change requires transitioning from what was to what is.

Transition though change is often filled with what Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist in early 1900’s, would call facing your “shadow.” The shadow is the part of us that we may have disowned in ourselves but see projected onto others. According to Jung, it is the process of bringing these disowned parts of self back into the light, rather than trying to cut them off, that brings us back to a place of wholeness.

Take the ocean for example, clearly, we see how the water is one Whole body of water, yet, it takes many forms and can only be seen, at times, as it’s parts. Drops of water, spray, waves taking different forms, stillness at the bottom, while storm is raging above Yes, the same water, all together is Wholeness.

In therapy, we work together to gently, nonjudgementally dive and swim in your ocean: to see the light and the dark. To uncover and unearth and mostly to heal and move forward.


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