“Michele is perceptive, empathetic and pragmatic – She is non-judgmental, caring and positive, and I always feel better after talking with her.  Michele has been able to help me look at situations from a different and fresh perspective, and help me focus on creating a positive outcome.”

– M.W.

“The qualities that attracted me to Michele are her open-heartedness, compassion, sense of humor, candidness, sincerity and non-judgmental perspective.

Michele has the ability to see my positive attributes, which allows me to own them. Her wisdom and life experience helped me trust her. She has a positive attitude but not poly-anna. Michele is the real deal, she is honest about life! Sometimes it sucks! Sometimes it is blissful! Sometimes boring! During the ups and the downs and in between’s she has helped me feel more grounded and confident in my decisions in my personal life and career.

Knowing Michele has changed my life for the better!”

– D. L. 

“What is amazing about Michele is that she has the ability to accept people exactly as they are—with all the complications in play, and is able to visualize clearly someone’s obstacles that may be in the way of their goals as well as the innate strengths and talents needed to succeed.  She doesn’t aim to change anyone, just empower them.  She is nonjudgmental.  She is humble.  Most of all, she is authentically loving by just being who she is.

I saw Michele right after my divorce.  I was fragile and bleak.  I felt old, unlovable and, worse of all, I felt dangerous—as if my very existence were a hazard to the people around me who I cared the most about.

Michele, somehow, was able to show me empathy.  She listened without criticizing.  She asked me just the right questions at just the right times, and she helped me find my own answers.  She helped me appreciate my own inner strength, to see areas of strength that I didn’t know I had and to not be afraid of that.

Because of her, I feel hopeful again.   Today, I am working in the perfect job, about to buy a house, and I’m married to someone who I love fully and passionately, who loves me fully and passionately, for whom I can be fully myself without fear or reservation.

If you are banging your head against a wall, if you are doubting yourself, if you are stuck in a rut, you should talk to Michele.  If you know what you want, but don’t know how to get it, or if you don’t know what you want, you should talk to Michele.  If you, secretly, deep down, wish you were somebody else, you should talk to Michele.

Michele Hahn is good for your soul.”

– G.E.

“My husband and I first came to Michele because we were on the verge of divorce. We were arguing all the time and never seemed to be able to understand each other’s point of view. A friend of mind referred us to Michele and we’re so thankful that she did. Michele helped us understand how our past can influence our current thoughts and feelings. We learned excellent communication skills that has resulted in feeling closer than we have in years.  Thank you, Michele.”

– D.S.

“Michele has a natural ability to not only access a problem and analyze a situation, but she also is highly skilled in helping her clients develop solutions and skills to cope. Her communication style is probably her best asset as a therapist. She provides a sense of safety, warmth and guidance and a comfortable place to share your struggles and wishes for the future. Her experience plays a important role in having the knack for sizing up a situation and understanding all sides of the equation.

When I was transitioning professionally and I felt a steep learning curve, I was on the verge of a meltdown more often than not. Michele was able to get me to calm down and not feel powerless over the situation but instead helped me to gain control and feel that the task at hand was not insurmountable.

I could not have gotten through so many difficult periods of my life without her support.”

– E.R.

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