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Adjusting to Life Transitions

One of the most difficult realities of life is that change is a given. Seasons change, people come and go, all that lives must go through life cycle. We spend much of our lives trying to achieve our goals, arrange our lives in the manner we desire, and hang onto pleasant situations or avoid unpleasant ones. Sometimes, what is good lasts and what is hard ends quickly; at other times, the reverse is true. Consider that the change itself is often a stressor. If you have experienced major changes in your life, stress is a by-product of these changes.

Awareness, gentle kindness towards yourself and some minor adjustments in your perceptions can help to ease the discomfort of the stress involved in life’s transitions. Let’s work together to help ease your life transitions to bring you into a peaceful emotional space around these changes. It’s very possible.

I will be hosting a two-hour educational and informative group. The goal of the workshop is to help you to become awakened to the unique blocks that may be holding you back from realizing your true potential. In this workshop, we will explore your short & long term goals, fears, personal blocks, tracking successes, celebrating small steps, peer feedback, goal setting to create an action plan.

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